Funding and Calls: opportunities to be kept

The search for funding is a crucial activity for a farm that innovates and aims to keep up with the times and with the evolving needs of consumers.

We have a wide and varied panorama to look at: the generational change and the modernization of companies are key issues of the EU, as well as of national and regional bodies.

How to steer oneself in the varied offer represents a stumbling block for many companies, especially if recently established. In this section you will find the main Italian calls for funding projects of young farmers or aspiring farmers.

It is important to clarify and be aware of some rules that will certainly be useful for successful projects.

  1. It is the idea that guides the search for funding, never vice versa. A project is successful if it arises from a real need, only in this way it can be solid and achievable;
  2. Learn how to search for tenders and calls. The web comes to our aid. Unfortunately, there is no single site where all the opportunities are advertised. It is therefore necessary to have determination, a spirit of enterprise but also preparation to be able to orientate among the various bodies that provide tenders (European Commission, Ministries, Regions, National Agencies, Provinces, Municipalities and Chambers of Commerce);
  3. In order to fully understand objectives and purposes, read carefully the entire announcement and do not limit yourself to the summary;
  4. Verify the beneficiaries and that they have the requisites to be able to participate (eg sole proprietorships, agricultural partnerships or capital companies, etc.). This analysis represents the "key" to submit a successful application in line with the criteria and procedures defined in the call;
  5. Know the terms and procedures for applying;
  6. Review the economic constraints, ie the budget available for the call and the amount of the minimum / maximum contribution that can be disbursed;
  7. Check the eligible expenses and activities, as well as the type of benefits provided (non-repayable contribution, co-financing, guarantees, low-interest mortgages, etc.), to outline their consistency with the project idea;
  8. Know the reasons for exclusion;
  9. Be always prepared with the necessary documentation, such as the business plan. Knowing how to report the design idea in the forms required by the announcement is not a trivial matter, it must be brief, clear, understandable for those who will read and evaluate our project;
  10. Contact our offices closest to you. You will find qualified personnel able to help you best.