Coldiretti Giovani Impresa: The Italian Young Farmers 

Coldiretti Giovani Impresa is the young movement of Coldiretti, representing young farmers between 18 and 30 years old. Coldireti Giovani Impresa is widespread throughout the Italian Country, with local offices and tutors willing to help new young entrants. We make our experience available to young people who come to us, offering support through training courses, services and funding paths. We have created a Tutor service that has become the reference point for the many young people who, like us, will invest in agriculture.

Coldiretti Giovani Impresa looks to the future by focusing on innovation, in order to develop innovative agricultural enterprises linked to territories, well-being, quality, typicality, originality, attention to the environment and the citizen-consumer relationship. For more than ten years we have been rewarding innovation in agriculture with the Oscar Green competition, which each year sees around 1,000 young people contending for the award. We are young entrepreneurs, who have often chosen to leave the cities preferring the countryside. We passionately defend the values ​​and traditions of our fathers while promoting innovation.

From these values, a model of economic development takes hold that intertwines processes of integration along the supply chain (production-transformation-marketing of food) with paths of diversification and / or interaction with other sectors (tourism - craftsmanship - trade - services to people, environment and the territory) and innovation strategies (product - process - relations with the territory.

Starting from the Italian territories we are projected to conquer world markets with both our distinctive and innovative excellence and sustainable products.


We represent more than 70 thousand young farmers who believe in the following values:

• Defense of the true Made in Italy, made up of products that, right from the raw material, originate and are processed in our country.

• Safeguarding the territory and its biodiversity.

• Protection of consumer health, which is why we have always focused on original agriculture, made of raw materials and non-genetically modified products.

• Promotion of transparency and traceability of products.

Delegato Nazionale

Veronica Barbati

Graduated in Economics and Management of Tourist Services, the young entrepreneur Veronica Barbati was elected national delegate on 25 January 2019. Veronica is the owner of the Barbati farmhouse, located in Roccabascerana (Campania): between breeding and educational farm, the company is a mix of traditions, flavors and love for the land. Today it has become a focal point in the Campania region, thanks also to the production of extra virgin olive oil, fresh cheeses and ricotta, strictly artisanal jams, mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers in oil and vinegar. Aware of the challenge, Veronica Barbati intends to encourage young people to rediscover the values of agriculture and defend the agri-food excellence of the area.

Segretario Nazionale

Stefano Leporati

Stefano Leporati, a graduate in law, with a specialization in economic policies, has been National Secretary of Coldiretti Giovani Impresa since March 2021. Since 2007 he has been working in Coldiretti as head of economic policies, in particular following the evolution and application of the Common Agricultural Policy, Rural Development plans, strategic supply chains and internationalization projects. Since 2010 he has participated in the annual drafting of the report "The green economy in Italy" and is editor of articles in "il Punto Coldiretti" and in various newspapers. Since 2018 he has been President of the Agri-food Technical Commission of ISMEA - Institute of Services for the agricultural and food market. In 2017 he obtained a Master in Precision Agriculture and in 2021 he obtained an Executive MBA - Master of Business Administration of the Politecnico di Milano.