July 21, 2021

Olive oil for generations, the story of Silvia Filonardi

We are in the heart of Ciociaria, a land characterized by many pre-Roman and medieval places to visit, about halfway between Rome and Naples. Today's story is set in an enchanted place between the sea and the mountains where history and nature meet in a perfect combination of love for the land and tradition. It is precisely here that the 22-year-old entrepreneur Silvia Filonardi graduating in law, driven by her passion for olive growing and the recovery of the Ciociaria olive heritage, decided to carry on the family business that has been handed down since the Middle Ages, when her ancestors cultivated the province of Rome and Frosinone with olive groves and vineyards of excellent quality.

Silvia Filonardi's estate is located on the slopes of the Ernici Mountains at a height difference ranging from 200m to 700m a.s.l. in the municipalities of Veroli and Ferentino. A wide range of products whose spearhead is Hernicum, an organic Evo oil produced from the Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Itrana cultivars that has obtained numerous local, regional and national awards. The harvest begins during the veraison period and the milling takes place within the day in order to produce an oil with a high content of polyphenols and low acidity.

Hernicum for the aforementioned qualities is defined as a nutraceutical. In addition to Hernicum, the company produces olives in brine and olive creams, deciding to diversify from 2018 with new organic raspberry crops.

The Filonardi estate has always worked for eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly productions by choosing not to use herbicides and pesticides but to insert endangered animal breeds to clean the land by fertilizing and oxygenating them at the same time, the pruning residues are transformed into wood chips and sawdust at the same time. order to use them as mulch for plants. Soon it will build accommodation facilities to be able to taste its products and discover the culinary and cultural heritage that is hidden in the Ciociaria area.


You can reach Tenuta Filonardi at:

Email: tenuta.filonardi@virgilio.it

Mobile: 3459701148/3388441300

Instagram: tenuta_filonardi