July 21, 2021

Davide Busca

Winner of Oscar Green 2017 in the Campagna Amica category - Davide and his friends are never stopped by rain or bad weather, or by the long face of those who perceive them as a threat to their activities: 4 young people relaunch the fishing sector in Savona with fishing tourism and aperitifs on a poor fish boat.

The one considered low-market, or even waste, that some fishermen have given up bringing ashore and that they enhance with the kitchen on board. The boat, their arms, the local tourists, the inhabitants and a laboratory. This is enough for a project that today attracts many customers eager to have a zero-kilometer aperitif with freshly caught fish on the quay.

Fish burgers, mixed fry in cones and more: bottarga, anchovy salting and, last but not least, fish sausages, all offered as finger food, from the mooring place. And already because you cook on the boat and eat on the quay. While all the processing takes place in a small laboratory where the fish is gutted, cleaned and made available as a raw material for the preparation of aperitifs.

They think of everything and the supply chain ends with the exaltation of one of the products destined for extinction on the retail fish market. Imagination and creativity together with the desire to have fun at sea and on land together with those who want to party in the name of quality. And from fishing tourism to aperitifs, it is a whirlwind of energy, flavors and joy.