July 21, 2021

Apisauna, the house among Matteo’s hives

No one in the world had ever thought so. Matteo - winner of Oscar Green 2018 in the category 3.Earth - takes you into a beehive, but above all shows you the world from the point of view of small insects. Feel everything they feel, with the same vibrations. And you don't get stung. How? By building a house for you inside the hive. That's right, and you are in the heart of the Trentino mountains, on a pasture in a fantastic wood.

This is a historic 4-generation beekeeping company, which produces honey of 5 different blooms and transports the hives from the hills to the high mountains, depending on the seasons and what needs to be produced. Honey is flanked by medicinal herbs for the creation of a range of dozens of products.

Here Matteo built a very special little house for apitherapy. What's this? There is a small house in the center and all around the beehives. Between you and the bees there is only a small and dense grating: you see them, smell them, listen to them. It is Apisauna, a multisensory experience, designed for the well-being of those who reach these magical places to relax, but also for those who have to perform real therapy sessions prescribed by doctors.

You can't believe what happens when you lie down on the beds, which are made of hay, like they used to be. And, suddenly there is nothing but silence and that happy hum. This is a vibration of 432 Hz, it is the deep sound of nature, which stimulates internal vibrations, as happens with the sea or with the leaves in winter.

In short, in Matteo's cottage you can unplug and reach a dimension of the soul, while Trentino caresses you all around.